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Did anyone else obsessively read The Monster at the End of This Book starring Grover of Sesame Street when they were little? I’m pretty sure my parents contemplated burning it so they wouldn’t have to read it to me again.


With “lovable, furry old Grover” as my inspiration, I’ve decided to work backwards through today’s CSA eats. First up: dinner. Nothing too fancy tonight – just simple deliciousness. We had some CSA lamb chops, seasoned with salt, pepper, and sage and pan fried:


and Swiss chard, sauteed with garlic, onion, (barely) hot pepper, and tomatoes:


All together:


For lunch I played with a new, super secret ingredient from our CSA: spey cabbage.


According to the CSA newsletter, spey cabbage is a very common crop in Cambodia, but it’s hard to find any information about it in English. It is a cabbage, but a very delicate, mildly spicy variety. I made it into a salad along with some of our CSA tomatoes, non-CSA avocado, and the remaining basil-y bean dip from the other day. It was fabulous! Very crunchy and crinkly, but not quite as chewy or fibrous as the cabbage you can find in the grocery store. It was a nice alternative to lettuce.

And now we’ve come to the scary part of our post…the monster! (Hide yourself, Grover!)


That’s right, it’s a green monster bowl of oatmeal!! We bought some bagged spinach early in the week to tide us over until our CSA share came, and it’s slowly going bad in the bottom of the refrigerator. Solution? Blend with almond milk and add to oatmeal along with sunflower seed butter, cinnamon, and frozen berries and cherries. It might look scary, but it doesn’t taste spinach-y at all, and adds some nutritional oomph to breakfast.

See, Grover? There was nothing to be scared of after all!


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We did a little make-it-up-as-you-go-along cooking last night. We knew we wanted to use our Swiss chard, sweet corn, and pork cutlets, but our plans didn’t get much farther than that until it was time to cook.

I was in charge of the veggies. For some reason I’ve been thinking about spiced nuts (possibly because of Gliding Calm‘s review of some Living Nutz products?), so I decided to use those as my inspiration. Here’s what I came up with:

Sweet and Spicy Swiss Chard with Walnuts and Cranberries

1) Sautee 1/4 cup walnuts in olive oil for 2-3 minutes (I set our gas burner to medium-high heat for this recipe)

2) Add a dash of cayenne pepper (to taste) and a handful of dried cranberries. Cook together for 1 minute

3) Add roughly chopped Swiss chard and cook until just wilted

And that’s it!


I loved this. The heat from the cayenne and the sweetness of the cranberries work perfectly together, and both the chard and the walnuts have a nice crunch.

Trent took charge of our pork cutlets, which he rubbed with olive oil and a few grinds of The Spice Hunter’s Fiery Chile Fusion Blend (Tellicherry black pepper, crushed red pepper, green chile, green bell pepper, chipotle chile) and grilled on our charcoal grill. They had a nice smoky, grilled flavor with just enough kick from the peppers.

We also boiled a few ears of our sweet corn, which was perfectly ripe, sweet, and buttery. Lovely! Here it is all together:


I love it when things come together on the first try. 🙂

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