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Trent and I are often very bad about taking advantage of summer. It’s easy to get bogged down in work, humidity, and other downers and to forget how fun it can be to leave our desks. So today we decided to take advantage of the season by heading to some nearby fruit farms for a pick-your-own extravaganza.

First up: blueberries!

Berrying 007Berrying 003

We were told that there was lots of poison ivy around these bushes, so now I’m feeling itchy. Nothing like the power of suggestion to make a hypochondriac worry. 😉

Next up: black raspberries!

Berrying 010


We had a roasting party when we got home and finished off our remaining beets and summer squash in a 400 degree toaster oven.







Three roasty squashes. Ah ah ah! (said in Count von Count’s voice, of course)

After we scarfed these without taking pictures, we pondered what to do with our berries. I am in love with the names of American fruit cobblers (Betty, grunt, slump, buckle, sonker…seriously, you can’t make this stuff up), so we decided to make a blueberry buckle. We used this recipe from Simply Recipes.

The beautiful batter:


The crumbly crumb topping:










And then I ate another piece because it’s that delicious. Our stupid oven burnt the outer edges (if you have a stupid oven you may want to reduce the baking time by 5 or 10 minutes), but I don’t care. It’s moist and sweet and has a crunchy streusel topping and I’m quite happy right now. 🙂

I hope you all had wonderful summery Sundays as well!


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We got our first meat delivery last week but didn’t get a chance to cook anything until yesterday. We decided we’d simply roast the whole chicken we got so that we could compare the flavor to the supposedly antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken we often buy from the large chain grocer we unfortunately frequent.  I started the bird while Trent was still gone, which meant that the organs ended up in the trash instead of in his stomach (sorry T!). It looked like there was a decent amount of fat on our birdy friend, so I didn’t bother barding it or putting any additional fat on it. Then I encountered problem #1: no supermarket sticker to tell me how many pounds of bird I was dealing with. Hmmm. I guessed it was about 3 pounds and went ahead with the Joy of Cooking roasting method (preheat oven to 450, put bird in on a roasting pan, turn oven down to 350, roast 20ish minutes per pound).

About 30 minutes in I went to baste the bird, only to find that there was ABSOLUTELY NO FAT in the pan. None! Crap. I doused it in olive oil as fast as I could and prayed I hadn’t ruined the breasts. Another 30 minutes passed and T made his way home. T is usually the bird roaster in this apartment, so I shamelessly let him deal with the hissing and spitting oil while we tried to see if the bird was done. Hilarity ensued: “it still looks bloody. But free range meat will be darker? Maybe it’s done? Does darker mean darker juices too? I don’t know?” Finally T used the baster to pick up some of the juice to see if it was clear. It was most definitely bloody. We cooked it for another half an hour or so and finally had our first CSA meat.

Sweet sassy molassy, amazing! Even though the breasts did get a little dry, we were both thrilled to find that free range chicken actually tastes like food. Whereas mass-produced chicken tastes mostly of the briny water they inject into it, this tasted like roasty, crispy, meaty goodness. T also declared the pope’s nose to be delectable. I declared this nomenclature to be a bit of Protestant humbuggery.

We steamed some broccoli and toasted some store-bought rye bread for side dishes and finished the meal with some 85% cocoa extra dark chocolate. Perfection.

We get our first veggie delivery on Wednesday, so we’re waiting to do our meal planning until then. I’m really hoping for some fat juicy tomatoes so we can make BLTs with the bacon we got. Seriously, CSA = best idea ever!

Failed to take a picture before tearing into it...this is my lunch (one last thigh) plus the makings of an amazing stock

Failed to take a picture before tearing into it...this is my lunch (one last thigh) plus the makings of an amazing stock

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