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It’s veggie CSA pick-up day! Good thing, too, since we scarfed our first box PDQ. I made some hummus yesterday for lunch:

Poor little hummus...you're just not photogenic!

Poor little hummus...you're just not photogenic!

On a whim I threw in some curry spice along with the garbanzos, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and this beautiful stuff:

sambalI like the curry kick, but T was not happy about it. More for me! I’ll admit that the taste was a little off, but I think that this is due to the fact that 1) T skimmed some of the oil off the top of the tahini to fry our beef because he realized at the last minute that we were out of sesame oil. Resourceful! and 2) we were low on lemon juice so I used rice milk to make up for the missing liquid. I was only thinking about replacing the fluid and not the tang of the lemon….oops.

I spent all day at the library yesterday so I needed something portable and spirit-boosting for lunch. I decided to make a cheap imitation of the crack wrap by combining the hummus with TJ’s yogurt cheese on wheat bread.


LOVE this stuff - plus no lactose!

It was AWESOME even though it wasn’t warm and toasty. Thanks for the inspiration, Sarah!

Now, onto serious business: we have a problem. A FRUIT FLY problem. They showed up a few days ago when the produce refuse in the garbage got a little ripe, and now they’re EVERYWHERE! Does anyone have a good method for dealing with these little buggers? We’ve just been chasing them around like crazy people, clapping them between our hands when we can. I’m sure our neighbors think we’re either rhymically disinclined or building up to an epic slow clap.


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