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Trent got a new toy. Any guesses what it is?



He got a beautiful new camera that (I think) makes our food look much prettier than my trusty but limited Fujifilm point-and-shoot. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to convince him to let me use it, but I’ll try!

Pictured here: tonight’s dinner. Collards, eggplant, an heirloom tomato, and jalapeno (all CSA, of course) sauteed in the chicken fat leftover from our CSA chicken legs. Delish!

I’ve also been eating lots of SIABs (smoothie in a bowl – acronym courtesy of Kath).


Frozen banana, berry/cherry mix, sunflower seed butter, spinach (hence the greenish tinge around the edge), almond milk, food processored and topped with shredded coconut. Not as pretty as above pictures because taken with my Fuji. Ah well!

You may have noticed that it’s been quiet around here for a few days and that I haven’t been commenting very much. It’s super busy at school for me right now, so I’m afraid the blog has to take a back seat for a bit. I’ll still be posting and commenting, but not as much as usual. Once things calm down I’m hoping to do some site redesigning and revamping. So bear with me until then!

Happy happy almost weekend!


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…our weekly CSA haul! It’s yet another bountiful late summer week:


The haul, before we split it with our partners


Chinese broccoli

Chinese broccoli




Kohlrabi - our CSA partners got this

We got the cukes, garlic, and cherry toms

We got the cukes, garlic, and cherry toms







After we split our share it was dinner time. We started with a little raw appetizer:


The orange ones were so sweet and tomato-y! I’m always excited when I can taste actual “tomato-ness” and not just mushy water when I eat a tomato.

We hadn’t thawed any meat or planned any other protein source, so we winged it with an impromptu menu of canned salmon sandwiches garnished with fresh CSA cukes and lettuce and a Chinese broccoli and eggplant stir-fry. We got to chopping:


I can't believe we have fresh garlic!!

I can't believe we have fresh garlic!!


and ended up with this:


This meal was a rousing success. I love canned salmon but Trent does not, so I usually just have it for lunch occasionally. With the addition of the cukes and lettuce, though, he was into it.

I tried to photograph the salad I made this morning for my lunch later today, but every time I pushed the “take picture” button my camera shut itself off! Ack! Has this ever happened to anyone? I’m really hoping if I leave it alone it will fix itself. Blogging would be rather difficult without a camera.

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