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001… and they are delicious! The box was smallish since this is the first week (it’s been a cold spring up here). We’re splitting our share with another couple as well (we’ll call them Jodie and Mack), but we still got some gems.

We got: lettuce and arugula


and chives and radishes and turnips and green onions and collards, oh my!


We stopped at Mack’s to divy up the produce, and Mack pressed us to help him finish a 6 pack, so dinner was late. We did a quick scramble with the chives, arugula (that looks weird to me every time I type it), and lactose-free muenster (that also looks weird. T and I are both incapable of processing dairy. One of many reasons we’re a match made in heaven).


We also tested the radishes. I’ve never been overly fond of radishes. This is either because of their spiciness, which I did not enjoy as a tot, or the vivid memory I have of my grandfather telling me that his belly button is where he kept the salt for the radishes he snacked on. I’m happy to report that these radishes helped me to overcome my childhood trauma.


They were surprisingly mild with a pleasant spicy aftertaste. Huzzah, radish demons conquered! We haven’t figured out other meal plans yet. I want to just eat all of this raw in delicious salads, but T maintains that he doesn’t like salads. I maintain that he doesn’t like storebought salads with crappy produce.


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