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… make a bean dip and a frittata.

It was a British-isles-type of cool, grey, wet day yesterday, so I mostly hunkered down with tea and books. The little time I spent in the kitchen yielded this:


The green one is a bean dip similar to this one. One cup of white beans, a giant bunch of basil, the juice of one lemon, a few glugs of olive oil, a clove of garlic, and some s&p played in the food processor for a few minutes. The white one is a slice of lactose-free muenster, crumbly from being frozen and thawed. Mmmm.

Dinner was inspired by this post at Tea & Cookies. We had a whole lotta amaranth leaves and kale on their way to spoilage and some CSA bacon leftover from Friday’s dinner, which was these amazing BLTs minus the L because we ate our two heads in two days (woohoo huge salads!):


So we sauteed up our CSA potatoes, leeks, amaranth leaves, and kale along with our fabulous bacon, mixed them with 8 eggs and 2 slice of lactose-free muenster in a casserole dish, and baked them until we got this:


Frittata-tastic! This bacon is out of this world. It’s simply pork, maple syrup, and salt. No nitrates or nitrites, no frightening preservatives. Pure love. I was worried that our frittata would suffer from our failure to add any herbs, but the bacon and the cheese provided more than enough flavor.

It’s still cloudy, but I’m hoping the sun will pop out so I can enjoy it when I go running. Gotta get that natural vitamin D while I can! How is your weekend going?

And on a sidenote, is anyone else having trouble with google reader this morning? Nothing will load in mine, and it’s totally cramping my style.


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We got some Greek-style lamb sausages in our meat CSA share this month and decided they would make wonderful faux gyros. Man oh man were we ever right! We started with the base: a whole wheat pita with some store-bought tzatziki (lazy, and breaking our no-lactose rules! We had to bust out the lactaid, but it was worth it) and sriracha:


then came CSA lettuce and cukes:


and the slightly obscene sausage:


Whoa Nelly, these were outstanding! They really did taste like gyros, except without the terrifying compressed meat cone component and the white flour pita. I really really love the taste of lamb, especially when I know it’s been raised in a healthy, compassionate manner on a small farm.

We had our gyros with a side of steamed amaranth leaves covered in sauteed garlic. Apparently the traditional Greek way to do amaranth is to boil the crap out of it, but I usually really dislike this method for cooking veggies. It saps all the nutrients and turns everything to mush. Boo!


Nothing like a plate full of greens topped with crispity, crunchity garlic!

I’m headed to the beach tomorrow, and I’ll be gone for a bit over a week. My plan is to whip up some posts with my favorite running tips that I’ve gathered throughout 8 years of competitive distance running. I hope this is a good substitute for food pics! I’ll be back to highlighting our delicious veg and meat when I return. 🙂

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